Some of you might have joined the West Kelowna Pickleball Club without knowing any members here. This can be problematic when it comes to trying to organize your own games. In order to facilitate social connections we have created a registration form that will allow you to share your contact information with other club members. Your info will be only shared with other WKPC members who have also added their contact information. We hope that this will provide you with a resource that will help you find other players to play with. 

Once you have completed the form a link to an online spreadsheet will be revealed to you. This spreadsheet will contain the contact information of other players who are looking to find partners. Please bookmark this spreadsheet because it is a "live document" and will continually be updated as players add their contact information using the form below.  

If you are uncomfortable reaching out to strangers via email you could try to make connections by joining some of our organized round robins. You must register each week in order to play. You can do so by visiting our Organized Play page.