Organized Play

Weekly Organized Play will begin in late April. An email will be sent out once registrations for these events are ready. 

Weekly Organized Play

Organized Play registration is now done using PCNS.  Registration opens every Monday at 6:00 pm. In order to register for any of the events listed on this page please click on the REGISTER NOW button. 

If you need to withdraw from an event please do this yourself instead of emailing the event manager. Please see the information on how to register and/or withdraw below:

How To Register For An Event(s)

NOTE: We are using the Pickleball Canada Registration system. Therefore you will need to use the same name and email address that you would have used when you registered for your WKPC membership.

If you don't like to read instructions you can watch the video at the below this section instead of reading the instructions below.

Weekly Events Registration.webm

How To Withdraw from An Event(s)

If you need to withdraw from an event please do the following:

You can watch a video example on how to withdraw below:

How To Remove Yourself From An Event.webm

Weekly Organized Events 

(to start in LATE APRIL)

Monday Events

Coed Doubles Round Robin

Tuesday Events

The Pickleball Lab

Advanced Skill Level Evening Play

Wednesday Events

Ladies' Day

Ladies' Evening

Thursday Events

Men's Day

Thursday Evening Partner Play

Friday Events

Intermediate Coed Round Robin Play

Saturday Events

Advanced Coed Play

Drop In Play

We have drop in play daily. Please watch this video or read the procedures below:

Drop In Play Guidelines